Brno as a city of good music

Lucie Kožnarová

Music is a thing most young people are passionate about. We listen to music, go to concerts and even start our own bands.

In this article I’d like to introduce you to the results of a survey I have conducted recently and then discuss some regular music events (genres according to the survey) which take place in Brno. At the end I’ll talk about a few events of various genres that I’ve been to in the last two months.

I asked twenty schoolmates what their favourite music genre was. You might say that you like more than just one genre and can’t choose which one is your very favourite. That is certainly true, most people really do enjoy different kinds of music, but unfortunately, I gave them no choice and they had to pick the best one. J

The results were:

Hip Hop / Rap – 40%

Rock Music – 25%

Pop Music – 20%

House / Techno – 5%

Metal / Hardcore – 5%

Reggae / Dancehall – 5%

The answers came as no surprise to me. Had I made more people do the survey, I believe the percentages wouldn’t have been very different. After seeing the results, I started my online research. In our city, do we have any regular music events connected with particular genres of music? And the answer was – yes, of course.

However, I’d have to disappoint hip hop and rap fans (although I am a huge fan of this genre too) because there is nothing like a proper, regular hip hop or rap event yet. This may be because there is not even a proper hip hop club in Brno. But on the other hand, many concerts by Czech and Slovak rap artists have been announced, so we don’t have to worry that much.

On the contrary, there are many places where you can listen to some quality rock music. Melodka is one of the clubs where events of various genres (but rock especially) are held almost every day. Another club is called Eleven; it is quite new and situated in the very centre of Brno, on Dominikánská Street. Last but not least I would like to mention an annual event called Večer Legend. It usually takes place in the Brno venue called Semilasso, and if you’re a fan of tribute bands, you shouldn’t miss it. There are about four or five tribute bands, and from what I have heard, they are top quality and very professional, just like the originals. The last event included such famous artists as the Janis Joplin Revival, the Led Zeppelin Revival, the Jimi Hendrix Revival and The Doors Revival.

Popular music is usually played by DJs in clubs like Two Faces, Caribic and Bastilla, so if you enjoy familiar sounds which you can hear on the radio and also like to dance to them, you should definitely go for these. Parties are held there almost every day, but in my experience the best ones are always on Wednesdays and Fridays.

If you are more into deep house or techno sounds, you should definitely check out the programmes of clubs like VIBE, Favál Music Circus and Malá Amerika.

The final genre I have more information on is reggae. Not only do I listen to reggae and dancehall music on a daily basis, I also dance to the style called dancehall, so it wasn’t that hard for me to find out about events which take place regularly. Actually, there is only one, but it is definitely worth mentioning. It is called Wha Gwaan Dancehall Night and it takes place in the Exit Club every month (for specific dates, check Facebook – type Wha Gwaan). Even though I haven’t had the opportunity to attend one of these dancehall nights yet, I’ve heard that the atmosphere is incredible and that people there are very friendly too.

As I absolutely love going to concerts I’d like to share with you briefly some of my recent experiences.

At the end of September, me and a few of my friends decided to buy tickets to a concert by one of Brno’s most famous rappers – an artist called Mc Gey, who records with the label Ty Nikdy Records. The concert was held at Melodka, which is a quite old but still very popular club on Kounicova Street. Although the place was crowded, there was the unique atmosphere you feel at every hip hop and rap concert. Before the headliner himself, there were performances by fellow artists from the Ty Nikdy Records label, which was a pleasant surprise. Speaking of the club’s environment, the acoustics and drinks prices were fine, although there were obviously not enough seats – but after all my visits to this club, I’m used to standing and it doesn’t really bother me at all, although some people might mind. Also, the air-conditioning wasn’t really working as we were sweating after the first three songs.

In the middle of October, one of Brno’s biggest rap events of the year, Rapmasters Tour, took place. It was held in the new, modern music club called Sono Centrum, located on Veveří Street. We were expecting the tickets to be very expensive, and they really were (as almost every event held at Sono Centrum). When I entered, the first thing I noticed was that the club was extremely roomy – at least in comparison with Melodka – but still I felt very comfortable there. The air-conditioning was perfect, as were the prices of drinks and the cleanness of the bathroom. The only thing I could complain about was the staff, who apparently lacked experience and were sometimes even rude. However, as I visited the club just yesterday (Red Hot Chilli Peppers & Rolling Stones Revival), I must say that this time it was much better. It may depend on the kind of event you go to.
I hope I have helped you choose the next good music event or party you attend!

Oh, and thank you for your attention. J