Marie Hájková

What is happiness?
It is looking from the window on a rainy day
And seeing the rainbow forming in the sky anyway
It is a carpet of moss in the forest under your feet
And a secret place where all your friends meet
It is the new song that makes you feel warm
A movie leaving you longing for a non-existent place
A painting you make with your friends by the farm
Or a beautiful photo from space
Happiness is holding hands with someone close
Happiness is kisses on the nose
Happiness is a place you love to be
Happiness is a squirrel climbing a tree
But it can be so much more
Like swimming and singing
Colourful hair and driving
The smell of earth after rain
And tea and running through the plains
Theater, museums
Conversations at 3 AM
Soft blankets and terrariums
Baking and eating all the jam
What I want to let you know
Is that happiness is what you say
And if I may
I hope this poem brightens your day
Choices are an interesting thing
They can spin your life around
They can sometimes feel like a swing
They can make you feel safe and sound
Each choice I’ve made
Has led me to now
How would it change the world
If I chose the choices I evade?
If I made one different choice
I wouldn’t meet the love of my life
I wouldn’t need to find the strength in my voice
I might not have felt like a someday-to-be wife
If I made one different choice
The world might not have been the same
I might have made more people smile
My best friend might have been a person with a different name
Each choice you make
Each step you take
They all matter
As much as you do
The Quarantine Growth
A determined girl
Did her best to grow
During the quarantine time
Taking up new hobbies and learning new skills
To feel a little more alive
To find more light in her days
To battle the insecurity in her mind
To spend her time in different ways
An insecure girl
Decided to grow
During the quarantine time
At home
By taking care of her mental health
To feel better
To see the light
To enjoy more of her time
To stop her brain from telling her lies
A loving girl
Wanted to grow
During the quarantine time
At home
By nurturing her close relationships
To feel the unique human connection
To laugh and hug and smile and dream
To feel all the love and make them feel it too
To spread the positivity she learned to see
An indecisive girl
Wrote a poem
At home
About a few experiences instead of one
Because she couldn't decide
She could write more
Insecurity telling her she's sharing too much
Loveliness telling her to share more
Determination hoping that it is enough
A concerned girl
Said you're not alone
Because people will understand
And people will care and they can help
Because you are incredible and unique
A piece of stardust in the universe
Changed and capable of change
And it's okay to ask for help
Good Morning
Good morning to those that like to write
Good morning you who hate to fight
Good morning if you like your hair
Good morning to people everywhere
Good morning to those that want to fly
Good morning to you if you don't lie
Good morning, you who had a rough day or week or month or year
Good morning to those who are happy to be here
Good morning, people who are the sunshine of the day
Good morning to those who are finding their own way
Good morning if you sometimes feel alone
Good morning if you're reading this on your phone
Good morning, whether you're still tired or wide awake
Good morning, treat yourself to a piece of delicious cake
Good morning, remember to drink plenty of water
Good morning, compliment yourself or even your daughter
Good morning, I hope your worries won't be as bad
Good morning, I wish you a day when nothing makes you mad
Good morning, good luck with the things that are stressful
Good morning, I believe that you'll be successful
Good morning to your pets
Good morning to your friends
Good morning to your family
Good morning to your hens
And especially - good morning to you
Types of Kisses
We've had so many different kisses so far
The first one
At a bus stop
After a date
I tricked you by pretending to whisper
The quick ones
When we're doing something
But still want to show our love
A small peck and an "I love you" from above
On the forehead
You lean down and kiss me
Because you think I did something cute
I never know what you see
The long ones
That say "I missed you"
When we hug and our faces are close
We don't want to let go
The passionate ones
Desperate, breathy
Full of love and desire
You know which ones
The fun ones
The way I attack your face
Kisses everywhere
Your nose, chin, forehead, cheek, anywhere
I love how they make you laugh
And so many others
All are amazing
I can't get enough of them
And I can't get enough of you