How to simplify your life (for dummies)

Jana Gajdová

To come up with a topic that appeals to all genders, age groups, a variety of mixed students and individuals is always a tremendous task. Being an impulsive writer, I am coming out of my current feeling of being overwhelmed by all my responsibilities, relationships, duties and homework – not only from school but my life in general.

The one crazy inner voice screaming in my head is a loud cry to simplify it all. Declutter. Minimize. Clean. Free. Just the serene feeling of slowing down. The feeling of calmness, grace and fulfilment of the moment. Is it still possible to achieve this in today’s hectic society?

We are living in an age where everything is done at an insanely fast pace. There is a plethora of information all around us. It forces us to think fast, act fast. And we dread the times when the internet shows the loading sign. Can we still imagine life without mobile phones, the internet, the constant need to share, post and like?

Having performed a short online search, I have found out that I am one among many who suffers from the overload of modern civilization. Don’t you feel that every time you feel blue and depressed, you wish to escape? Since childhood, I have often dreamt of running away from it all, most commonly to the countryside. Perhaps because it has healing properties, and has had for as long as humankind can remember. Nature is the mother.
In this article, I do not want only to complain about the vainness of modern life. I want to give useful advice to all who would like to improve the quality of their lives. The following recommendations are a mixture of my research findings and my own stance and intuition.

  1. Keep only stuff you really need
    Sounds simple, but if you walk around your apartment or house, how many useless things lying fallow do you see? Imagine you would have to leave for a secluded island for a year. What would you take along? What things are necessities? Now take a bin and walk around your house, throwing away everything that is not needed. Keep only things that are essential. Throw away things that are broken, unwanted or which you have not used for more than a few years. Not having so much stuff is completely uplifting. But getting rid of things that make you nostalgic or emotional is hard. The good news is, if a thing really makes you happy and puts you in a good mood, you are allowed to keep it.
  2. Appreciate what you have
    Once you have cleaned your place, you will realize how much easier everything is. With fewer things to take care of, organize and clean, you are ready to start on yourself. The best way is to start fresh in the morning. I mean right now. Stop. Breathe. Appreciate yourself. Appreciate what you have. Be thankful. Isn’t it a great feeling to be grateful for what you have? Most likely, we all have more than we need. Thank yourself for everything that you have in your life. Don’t take it for granted.
  3. Be more with less
    This is such a nice and truthful quote. Eat less – you will lose weight and feel better. Complain less – you will increase your happiness. Say YES less – saying yes to all projects, friends and activities can complicate and overfill your life. By making a list of your priorities you will focus on what really interests you and what really matters. You will have more time for things that you really love, and it will boost your self-esteem and self-respect. Above all, spend less time online. You really do not need to check the news, emails and gossip ten times a day.
  4. Work on your relationships
    Most importantly, work on relationships with your main people. Get rid of relationships that get you down and people who make you feel miserable. Having a few close-knit friends you can trust and rely on is more important than having hundreds of followers on social websites that are full of fake friendships, enhanced pictures, showing-off and false information. Be with flesh-and-blood people who don’t mind your imperfections and will support you no matter what. Working on a positive relationship with your soulmates can give you a more positive outlook on life and health, and it can even prolong your life expectancy. Do activities together, go to events together and share good stories.

I hope these simple steps are easy to follow, and that you will find in them inspiration on how to improve your life. My advice is meant especially for people who want to find a balance in their lives and who know that quality outdoes quantity. Focusing on the things that really matter will bring you happiness and peace of mind.