Unspoken words & unrealized actions

Dominik Sedláček

Unspoken words & unrealized actions

Searching the answers after you broke my heart,
Thinking inside my head.. why did we break apart?
What went wrong and what did I do,
Or… is it you?

Walking barefoot under a night sky near silent sea,
I see an old man smiling and waving at me.
“Good evening lad,” he says and smiles with experienced eyes.
“I can see pain in your heart, what’s on your mind?” He seems wise.

Sorrow, pain, hate and anguish in my soul,
These are the reasons why I stroll.
My mind filled with memories of our time together,
I don’t know how it all could be better.

Misery is consuming my mind.
Where is the answer I need to find?
Words and actions are the key.
It’s not as hard as it seems to be.

I love you… how was your day… you are important,
Life without you is a torment.
Here, I got you a present just for being with me,
Words and actions are the key.

Lot of relationships break up for words that have not been spoken and actions that have not been realized…