Stay healthy & nice

Dominik Sedláček

Stay healthy & nice

Keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle,
positive thoughts, humility and a smile,
are very important things in your life,
to remain happy all the time…

Do not underestimate how you eat, exercise and live,
because if you do, your body will not forgive.
Do not underestimate the way you treat people around you,
because if you do, people will remember it too…

Eat clean and exercise more,
and please do not forget your core*.
Many people don’t want to leave their comfort zone.
They would rather sit at home and watch TV shows on their phone…

Please be aware of the consequences of your behaviour,
your actions can be your saviour.
Treat people with kindness and respect,
and remember, no one is perfect…

*core = meaning diaphragma, m. transversus abdominis, erector spinae, obliques, pelvic floor