From your Editor

Dear readers,

I am happy to announce that The Messenger has been enriched by several excellent articles written by students of AJ_EJTM. It is an inspiring, green and socially engaged issue and I thank everyone who has participated in its development. 

This semester we have created a new Messenger category called Sandbox, where students’ work is published that we believe should not go unnoticed. We have taken the decision to leave work in this category unproofread. 

I would like to thank Zuzana Kučerová, who has completed her studies, having for several semesters dutifully looked after The Messenger’sFB page, so sharing your work with a broader public. Thank you, Zuzka!

Zuzka has shared Sísa’s blog. You may have come across Sísa’s blog on our departmental FB pages and thus learned a lot about what it is like to be an exchange student in Texas. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience with us, Sísa!

So, if you feel engaged by any of the ideas in this issue, please feel free to contact us. You might also like to send us your comments or suggestions for articles, or, indeed, the articles themselves. You might even wish to become a member of our team and sign up for The Messenger as one of your optional subjects (AJ_EJTM). If so, please, write to me or just enrol.

Your Editor

Gabriela Oaklandová