How to Deal with Energy

Jana Kalášková

I started thinking a lot about energy when I became aware that I was always behind with 

my work and other duties, even though I did my best. Very often I lacked energy for my studies and hobbies. This had been happening to me basically all my life. At first, I thought that it was time I lacked. Then I realized it was energy I had a problem with. I saw a lot of people who managed many more activities than I did. So I started to look for a solution. I read books on this topic, looked for articles on the Internet and listened to the people around me. Suddenly I found myself noticing visible features of other people’s use of energy, and whether it was in or out of balance. These features include mood, tiredness, health, eye contact, posture and awkward movements. Other indicators are success in one’s career or personal life.

To have enough energy to do what you need to do in your life, it is necessary to stick to some rules. The very basic ones are healthy eating and drinking habits, the right choice of job and appropriate hobbies. These typical recommendations are followed by quite a lot of people. But there are also other suggestions which are not so often heeded, such as wearing appropriate clothes, having the right partner and living in a suitable place. 

All this advice is very popular in general, but according to Gerti Samel, a German writer on energy, it is possible to do more. In a book on Tibetan typology, about humans of the western type, she states that it is not good for everybody to eat fruit and vegetables, not every person can work as a teacher, not every woman should wear black and it is not ideal for everybody to live near greenery although, at least in some cases, it sounds unbelievable. According to Tibetan medicine, people are divided into seven types, in accordance with their appearance, physical ability and other dispositions. Before reading about it I tended to be quite sceptical about Eastern medicine. I considered Eastern healers’ advice to be too extreme for me. Now, considering the western type of person, my view has changed. I have tried most of the advice myself and realized that it works. It is possible to do a test that will reveal which type of personality you have. However, understanding and accepting this lifestyle is just the first step. Then you must start following the way of harmony. Gerti Samel shows us which herbs will cure whom and what will help us with serious problems in our lives and a lot of other things.

This knowledge can also be used with animals. As a horse lover, I tested this method with two of my own horses. The result is that they are more obedient now. In general, free work with horses – when a person exercises one horse or more and rides it/them bareback without any harness, often in a large, unfenced arena – is trendy nowadays. We encounter it at many events. This work must be carried out only with horses which are at a high level of energetic relaxation and balance. 

After I had started applying these recommendations on energy to my own life, it got easier, and I accepted some other people’s personality traits, which improved my relationships. I think this whole philosophy can be understood as such a gift from eastern to western humans. The idea that it is important to take energy into consideration in all of your activities, is supported by well-known words from Albert Einstein: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another.”

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