From your editor

Dear readers,

The Messenger continues to be here for you. This issue has been produced by a team of fully engaged students of AJ_EJTM, it is an inspiring issue and I thank everyone who has participated on its development.

In this issue there are several methodology, culture and travel articles and you might like to click on our “various” category as it is also full of lovely articles we were not able to categorize. 

If you have not noticed the departmental Texas opportunity, let Silvie Šmardová´s blog be an inspiration for you

The blog will be shared through The Messenger FB page throughout the spring semester.

If you feel engaged by any of the ideas, please feel free to contact us. You might also like to send us your comments or suggestions for articles, or, indeed, the articles themselves. You might also wish to become a member of our team and sign up for The Messenger as one of your optional subjects (AJ_EJTM). If so, please, write to me or just enrol.

Your Editor

Gabriela Oaklandová