Dominika Slabá

Life is like four seasons,

New life is born with the first spring snowdrop,

Not able to talk, not able to walk or sit.

Day after day it grows gets new abilities and becomes smarter,

Just like the flower which grows petals and leaves.

But time, the greatest enemy has already put its runners on.


Time flows forward.

Trees don’t have flowers on the branches anymore.

Instead, the fruits mature to be picked.

Summer welcomes the heat and the stomping of small feet,

Just as the soft voice sounds like a robin’s singing.

But even the recklessness and joy of childhood quickly pass away.


The wind quietly whispers through the leaves

And the smell of coming rain is obvious.

Sunny days become sparse and autumn replaces summer.

The child is not a child anymore,

Now he stands face to face with the world on his own.

But the race is almost over.


The branches have already lost their leaves

And have a new silver-plated look.

It seems to be such a long time ago,

Spring summer and the fall.

All this passed in the blink of an eye

And now we see a wrinkled man who tries to recall the past.

But it’s too late.

Winter, like a professional killer, destroys all life.

Nature stopped breathing, life silently died.

Everything is hopeless.


But then, after all the pain and the empty days,

The first spring snowdrop appears.

New, beautiful and innocent,

Giving the world new hope.