How to save some money for travelling

Simona Zdanavičiute


A lot of young people dream of travelling and exploring new places. But very often during our university years we find ourselves still financially dependent on our parents, and the phrase “Let’s save some money” sounds like an impossible thing to do. On the other hand, it’s not as hard as it may seem. By following some really easy steps and limiting ourselves we can find a way to reach destinations which previously we could only fantasize about. Want to save some money on your travels? Keep reading!

  1. Experiences > things – don’t forget that all the trendy stuff and clothes you buy will be nothing but trash one day. Even if material objects can bring you short-term happiness, are you sure that it is worth sacrificing experiences and memories you would never forget, just so that you can show off in public or on social media?
  1. Learn to say “no” – set your priorities, figure out what is really important to you. After that you have to learn how to say “no” to things which are less important and keep following your goals. Life is not going to change if you don’t attend few parties just to save some money.  Learn how to overcome your fears of missing out on something.
  1. Selling is better than collecting – check your wardrobe, check your lockers. I am pretty sure that you have plenty of stuff you don’t need. Set yourself free from things you are never going to use again. There are a lot of different websites where you can sell things very easily and make some profit from them.
  1. 30-day rule – this tip is very effective for people who can’t stop spending their money on unnecessary goods. If you want to buy something, don’t do it instantly. Wait for 30 days – with the passing of time, you will notice that the urge to buy is passing too. Waiting for a month will help you evaluate whether the thing you want to buy is really worth the money.
  1. Use your hobby or talent to earn some extra money – think about what kind of stuff you like to do. You could try to make a small business out of it. Do you like to write? Do you play guitar, and are you capable of teaching others? Do you know a rare language? It’s time to capitalize on your hobby.
  1. Manage your budget – it is really important to learn how to spend your money wisely. Start tracking where you spend your money. Collect your receipts, write your purchases down and then decide where you can make cuts. Moreover, nowadays you can find a lot of different apps which can help you manage your budget very easily.
  1. Pay in cash – I guess it’s not a secret that when people use their credit or debit cards they usually spend much more money. Purchasing with a bank card means you don’t feel that bad, as you see no visible money. Paying in cash can save you from losing the perception of spending.
  1. Don’t give up – and last but not least, don’t give up and keep on going. If you really have dreams of visiting certain places, hold on to them. Nothing is impossible; all you have to do is become a little more stubborn. Good luck!