Life in Brno: Where to eat and drink

By Debbie Vaes

I remember when I first arrived in Brno. I didn’t have a clue how to navigate the city, what places were interesting, where to go to have coffee, lunch and so on. However, this was quickly resolved as I ate and drank my way around town in the next few days and weeks. All in the name of journalism, of course…

Brno has so many cafés, pubs and restaurants that it has been a daunting task to attempt to try them all. But I don’t easily back away from challenges, especially if there is food and beer involved. So I’ll keep doing what I do best. I would like to share my current favorites up with you all.


I love this place! Seriously, I would eat here every single day if I didn’t stop myself. It’s a vegetarian buffet where you pay by weight. And I haven’t tried a single thing I didn’t like. Even notorious meat-eaters are enthusiastic about it. Warning: a high level of self-control is needed in order not to pile up a huge amount of food spilling over the edges. (Mečová 2, inside Velký Špalicek shopping centre)

Šestá Větev

Cozy interior and chill atmosphere in which to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and relax. Their homemade pies are delicious. (Moravské nám. 12)


A great place for lunch. You pay a fixed price for lunch and it’s all you can eat, soup and dessert included. The food is great! You can choose from around 6 dishes. About half are without meat and always delicious. (Běhounská 12/14)


On hot days, get your ice-cream here. It’s good, pinkie-promise I swear. My Czech friend confided in me that this is a favorite of everyone in Brno. (Běhounská 110/12)

Super Panda Circus

In the mood for something fancy and decadent? Of course you are. Identify this place by the curtains hanging outside, knock on the door and wait for them to let you in. Once inside, it feels like you have been transported to the Orient. Their cocktails are heavenly. They have the classics, but also quirky ones with smoke, for example. (Šilingrovo nám. 3)


Cozy interior and quality tea. My coffee-snob friend also vouched that they are one of the best coffee-places around. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I’ll take her word for it. And waffles, did I mention waffles? (Veveří 457/10)

Čokoládovna Minach

Chocolate! Need I say more? No really, try it. I can recommend their brownie with hazelnut puree and whipped cream to go with it. And their homemade lemonades, especially the raspberry flavor – a heavenly combination. Thank me later. (Poštovská 450/6)

Výčep Na stojáka

Really good Czech beer from microbreweries. You often have to queue up here to get your beer, but it’s totally worth it. On a warm evening you can take your freshly tapped beer outside and drink it nestled up on the square in front of it. (Běhounská 6/16)